Monday, July 25, 2005

Updates Come

I warned you yesterday, friends and strangers, of changes to come. Gone the blaring white and blue background, the dead link to Melanie's old blog, gone the amateurish look of the old template and tumbleweed between postings (and the Red Sox assured win, the Devil Rays have tied it in the 7th)

Welcome to the new Sublime Idealist, where you can e-mail posts or post comments, find links to functioning blogs (currently Eric Alterman, my friend John Sears and some guy named Ed, and a hope for more to come), and more to come, and more to come, and more.

Nine fortyfive now, exhausted and sweaty from yoga in the basement, time for a shower in the garret, and sleep.

[post scriptum: Went back and titled the old posts and cleaned up some of the detritus. Quarter past ten, tie game in the 9th, but it's the Red Sox and Devil Rays, so I really shouldn't care, Mets fan, I.]

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