Monday, May 17, 2004

ACS High

Half past eight, monday evening, lightning rolling across the charcoal sky, ciccadas, police sirens somewhere in the night--flasback a year or so ago, writing in a spiral bound notebook, living off Loch Raven Boulevard with the windows open (no AC, you see), listening to the police cars and ambulances tear through the construction sites and intersections at all hours of the evening --

Flash forward, half past eight, monday evening, a grammatical question from Melanie, "where is the Glenelg Country School", "is it Mount Saint Joseph's, or just St. Joe's?" "What is the plural of status?"

A flash of lightning, I'm sitting on the couch with my laptop (conveniently) on my lap, television turned off for a change (though, in my mind I can still see the Storm Warning insignia, a bolt of lightning, in the cornder of the screen -- or is that just a reflection of the candlelight?).

Spent the weekend at the Reston Relay for Life, benefiting the ACS (not to be confused with the ACS). The event raised $375,000 for the Cancer ACS (not the chemicals ACS). Melanie and I walked with Team Wench, spent the weekend under the shade of a tent on the South Lakes High School football field, soaking in the heat. At night, it rained like hell (like ten minutes from now, I'd imagine, looking at the lightning tearing across the sky).

In other news, mon amie, yes, I just rediscovered how to do a basic HTML hyperlink, please excuse its overuse.