Monday, February 21, 2005

Hunter Thompson, Friday Fives

Hunter S. Thompson

There will be countless leaves and website entries dedicated to the death of the Good Doctor, dead yesterday by his own hand (so they say). To tell the truth (as always we must endeavor), I didn't read much Thompson, aside from a few pages of Fear and Loathing and some columns, but still, the writer is gone, and I fear the world a darker place for his passing.

If you don't read another word of Hunter Thomspon, read this column*, written September 12th, stunningly prophetic now, February 21st, half a forever later.

Friday Fives

Stolen from Delicious Placebo, who stole it from this guy, who wrote of Hunter Thompson on the event of his passing.

If you could freeze time at the very second in your past that you wanted to LAST forever, so that you can hold that moment for eternity, what would that moment be?

I can think of a few, but this is a family-friendly blog, after all, and so I'd say catching an autumn catnap on the couch, with the breeze blowing in through the screen door, in countless apartments I've lived in (and my parents' home before that, now that I think of it).

Have you ever finished in LAST place, whether during a race, a contest, a competition, an exam, or something else?

Personally, no, but as a team, ah yes (there is no "us" in team, after all). When I was a kid, my hockey team went 8-0 through the Christmas break, and one of the parents, who wrote for the Howard County Times, ran a story titled "Ho Ho Ho, Were 8 and Oh," and we proceeded to lose every single game for the rest of the season. The lesson is, naturally, stay out of the papers.

Who's the LAST person you talked with on the phone? E-mailed? Received an e-mail from? Hugged? Went out to lunch with? Thought about? Made something for? Made plans with? IM-ed?

Spoke with an author on the telephone not long ago, last e-mailed an author, last received an e-mail from a referee, last hugged Melanie, last lunched with Melanie, Chris, and Chris' roomate Josh (though technically that may have been breakfast, even though it was noon)

When's the LAST time that you did something nice just for yourself? What was it?

Good question...

What do you think you'll be doing on the LAST day of this month (February 28)? If you could choose a month and have it LAST forever (in other words, it would be July all the time from now on), which month would you choose and why?

February 28th is a Monday, god bless, so I'll likely be sitting on the burgandy couch, watching a History channel show about Otzi the Iceman, dead some 5,000 years, and thinking about the paper I edited two years ago about the very same guy. This is how close I've come to fame.

But c'est la vie, now, mon amie. It's five past ten now, Eastern standard time, eyelids at half mast, eyeing the staircase up to the bedroom, and sleep.


[*Post Scriptum, Tuesday, 26 July 2005: The good folks at ESPN have moved this article to their Insider section, meaning that you have to pay for access to the content. This being the internet, though, I'm sure someone has it up for free somewhere. Anywhere.... I know you're out there, I can hear you breathe.]

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